His amazing, fascinating and mysterious wonder, comprised of 13 large islands, six smaller ones and over 40 islets, is located approximately 1000 km off Ecuador´s Pacific coast.


Located along the Pacific Ocean or the western slopes of the Andes has fertile lands that produce a wide variety of exotic fruits.


Marked by the Cordillera de los Andes, presents a complex series of countless lakes and moors that provide vital fluid to the main cities of the country.


Amazon Basin forms the eastern part of Ecuador and it is the major region of it, covers approximately 12.000.000 hectares.


Welcome to Galapagos Islands Andes Amazon

GALAPAGOS ANDES AMAZON is located in Quito, Ecuador, it specializes in incoming tourism through the elaboration of tours according to the requests of the market, as well as, the elaboration of tailor made programs for individual passengers, families or groups adapted to their interests and needs.

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